Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef. Straight from local Arizona farmers. Local foods are also better for the environment. Your beef comes from a local farmers less than 100 miles away.  Here at  Longevity Meats, we know quality counts and we are dedicated to providing you the very
best experience and products.
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You’ve probably heard of the farm to table movement. If not, it’s exactly what is sounds like. Local farmers, usually within 100 miles, bring their foods to farmers’ markets, local restaurants, and more.

Decades ago, this was the norm. Unfortunately, most of us moved to a heavily processed diet of pre-packaged and fast foods, high in fat and calories and low in nutrition. One of the greatest benefits of locally-sourced foods is that they’re free of preservatives and additives, so they’re healthier.

Another reason people choose local is to support their communities. Grass fed cows. Would you rather get your steaks from a factory farm or from a local rancher’s grass-fed herd? One of the reasons for America’s growing farm to table movement was people’s desire to know where their food came from.

Local foods are also better for the environment. Instead of crossing the country on trucks and trains, your meat comes from a local farmer less than 100 miles away.


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What our clients say

Great program from a great company that delivers 🙂

Julie W., Mesa, AZ
Stayhome Mom

I like the quality of these fresh products. Saves me time on shopping and keeping th wife happy 🙂 

John S., Gilbert, AZ

I joined Longevity Meats because I was sick and tired of paying exorbitant prices for meat from the grocery store. And, it was always hit and miss whether I.

Angela E., Gilbert, AZ

 have been in the program for 3 months now and only had to pay for the first pack, which was already a great deal. I was skeptical at first but now I’m glad I.

David P., Mesa, AZ
Business Owner
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